My name is Aurora Hajnalka Köllner.

I am accredited Counsellor and Life Coach, who gained experience working with teams and individuals for more then 25 years. 

After 25 year spent in field of Marketing&Sales, leading and coaching teams, I thought I could provide my knowledge and expertise more efficiently if I specialize in counselling and coaching. 

I've got my Counsellor Diploma and Adult Psychology Diploma in Dublin (Ireland) as well the Diploma in Life Coaching.

As counsellor I'm working with people dealing with stress, anxiety, depression. fears. To identify source of it and learn how to deal with it in order to have a better life quality.

As life coach I am helping to find and define goals in life, to build self-esteem, to improve focus, to work on motivation and communication skills

As sales coach and builder of teams, I'm bringing out the best qualities of people, working on weaknesses, lifting up motivations and teaching how to focus, in order to get empowered, positive teams, who enjoy their work and delivering best results