Let's Talk About Anxiety

At times, everyone feels anxiety, tension, or fear. To a certain extent, this is healthy: it improves performance (eg in sports, at work), and when the body detects a threat, it prepares the body to escape or fight. Anyone who's never in any situation anxious, is a sick, psychopath. This becomes a problem, when it spreads to all areas of life and becomes a general feeling. It is a common feeling, that can be created without an identifiable external cause. So, it is not equal to fear, which has an exact external cause. Anxiety is a feeling of fear associated with a feeling of inertia when one feels that he has no influence on what is happening. 

What are the symptoms? This may be a physical symptom: palpitations, nausea, chest pain, headache, stomach-ache, muscle tension in the shoulders and neck, dizziness, fatigue. Or emotional expression: anxiety, agitation, tenderness, insomnia, or a series of bad dreams. 

Have you experienced any? Come and Let's talk about it!